Furry Blurry

Furry Blurry

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In this screen game, students look at series of fuzzy images and attempt to guess the animal.


Furry Blurry takes high quality images of deliciously fluffy animals and puts them into a series of increasing clarity. Students must be the first to correctly guess the furry animal on the screen.

GAMEPLAY OPTIONS: 1v1 Battle: Choose two contestants each round to battle against each other

4-Player Battle: Choose four contestants each round to battle against each other

Full Crowd Shout Out: Let the whole crowd play at once. First to shout the correct answer is the winner. Save a few slides at the end for a final battle between the winners.

Step-by-Step Points: Give point values based on when students can correctly guess the answer (4 points during the first slide, 3 points during the second slide, 2 points during the third slide, and 1 point during the fourth slide)


*To keep players from shouting a list of animals, you can allow for one guess per player, for each step within a round. So if one player guesses incorrectly on slide 1 of round 1, then the other players gets to make the first guess on slide 2 of round 1


Resource Includes:

    • Complete PowerPoint game file
    • 73 Total individual slide images (jpg files)
    - 12 Round Marker Slides
    - 12 Rounds of 5 Images
    • Title Slide


David Hughes