Fully Known

Fully Known

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A 62-page journal and devotional for a week-long mission trip.


As human beings, we have a deep desire to feel known. Just look at our culture today! We are constantly trying to develop new ways to be seen, heard, noticed and liked. We don’t slow down, for fear we will be glanced over, unnoticed or missed.

But the reality of it is, we don’t have to try so hard to be known. In fact, we should stop trying so hard. Why? Because we are already fully known by a God who is bigger and better than anything or anyone of this world.

This extensive 62-page journal and devotional will help your students discover how they are known by God during the course of a week-long mission trip.

This resource includes:
• How to use Trip Book resource
• 62-page journal and devotional for students
• Teaching outlines for trip speaker


Ashley Black


David Falcone