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A 4-week series on our sin nature and how God's greatest act of love restored us back to Him.


Editor's note: This is a thorough, well-written series that shares the gospel through Romans 6, 7, and 8.

In this gospel-centered series, students will learn about the power of the gospel and how a perfect God showed perfect love to imperfect people.

We all know the evil that lies in the hearts of humankind. And this becomes amplified when the evil within us is exposed. How does that affect our relationship with a perfect God? Is there anything that we can do to work our way back to God? This is where Jesus comes in to restore our ugly, shattered, and distant relationship with God.

Week 1: Jesus restored our friendship with God
Week 2: Sin no longer has a hold on us
Week 3: Our lives are made new
Week 4: We are more than conquerors and nothing can separate us from Jesus!

This Resource Includes:
• Four word-for-word, editable manuscripts
• Four small group guides
• Title and content graphics slides

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Jadner Lugo