FREEBIE: The Passion Event Discussion Guide

FREEBIE: The Passion Event Discussion Guide

The television event and this guide can provide great opportunities to explore the meaning of Jesus’ passion


It’s not often that the story of Jesus’ last days is told on network TV. Less often is it told by some of the leading actors, musicians, producers and directors in the world. And so, as THE PASSION airs on Palm Sunday, there is a unique opportunity for us all to share a cultural moment that places Jesus’ story front and center in our media and entertainment saturated culture.

This discussion guide is meant as a resource that can help users to reflect on the story as it’s presented in a unique way. And from there, it is created to provide ideas for daily reminders, like road markers, of how the passion story plays out during Holy Week, leading to Easter. It contains a series of teachable moments that have direct connections to God’s Word. THE PASSION gives us a chance to move beyond entertainment toward an opportunity for lasting life change.

This resource has three conversation starters. You can use one, two, or all three—in any order. Do what is best for your context. While there is no one right way to use this tool, here are a few ideas for you to consider as you custom tailor this resource to fit your ministry:

1. WATCH THE EVENT TOGETHER AND HAVE AN INFORMAL DISCUSSION AFTER Pick a time for your ministry, small group, or friends to see the television event together, and then immediately go through the initial questions.

2. USE THIS RESOURCE AS AN EASTER WEEK DEVOTIONAL GUIDE The resource has a different topic for each day of the week leading up to Easter. Ask your group to use this during the week, and check in every day or two to see what insights or thoughts you have about the questions.

3. ENGAGE FAMILIES Help your parents “win” by encouraging them to have a conversation with their son or daughter about this event. They could watch the show together as a family and talk about it afterwards. No matter how you decide to use this resource, we’re excited about what God is going to do in your ministry.