FREEBIE: Greatest Grandparent Award

FREEBIE: Greatest Grandparent Award

Greatest Grandparent Award empowers your congregation to assist grandchildren including teenagers, to recognize and honor their grandparents.


Grandkids, including teenagers, easily personalize their Greatest Grandparent Awards that they can then hand or mail to each of their grandparents. You can hand out these Awards at a ministry table where grandkids can quickly fill them out. This is an awesome total family resource.

This Resource Includes:

• Greatest Grandparent Award (pdf)
• Read This First Leader’s Guide (pdf)
• Table Sign with directions (pdf_
• Editable Table Leader’s Guide for quick training of table staff (Word)
• Flier for promotion (Word)
• Editable Greatest Grandparent Award Promo Slide (PowerPoint)

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David Lynn