Four Corners - Destination Spring Break

Four Corners - Destination Spring Break

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Spring Break fun with the classic Four Corners game.


Four Corners is one of the best game mixers out there because it gets everyone moving and involved. Four Corners does not require trivia knowledge or strategy. This game is just for fun.

This Destination Spring Break version takes all the fun of spring break travel and gets students moving by making choices together to see which corner is the most popular.

Clearly define your four corners before playing. The game has two great ways to play: 1) start and play the five-minute video or 2) insert the slides into presentation software and play at the leader’s discretion.

This Resource Includes:
• Five-minute “start and play” game video (mp4 file)
• Individual (10 rounds + instructions) game slides (jpeg files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)