Forks: What is God's Plan For My Life?

Forks: What is God's Plan For My Life?

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A one-off about finding God's plan for your life in the midst of the choices you make.


Doug's note: Love it! So much in this and so well done!

Editor's note: This is a great one-off that comes with a lot of extra goodies. The message is relevant and practical for students. The devotional and small group guide are both strong.

“Forks” is designed to help students explore how to make a godly decision when they come to a “fork in the road.” Although it provides plenty of practical tools to help them make decisions, the focus of this resource is the help students see that God’s plan for their life is more about knowing God and bringing Him glory with the details.

"Forks" is a complete night of programming, including a one-off message sermon (manuscript and outline), small group guide, a screen game, a follow-up devotional, and a graphics package.

This Resource Includes:
• An Overview Document (includes hype ideas, a worship set, a social media integration plan, and game explanation)
•2,500+ word Teaching Manuscript
•Teaching Outline
•A Screen Game Themed With The Message Called "Famous Forks"
•Six-Day Follow Up Devotional Called "Forks: The Other Six"
•Powerpoint Presentation
•Small Group Guide
•Graphics Package (8 images for social media + 5 other images)


Sabrina Hadro

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