Food Days: 12-Game Super Bundle

Food Days: 12-Game Super Bundle

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12 food holiday games to last you the whole year! You'll find one game for each month themed on a food holiday.


This amazing bundle contains 12 full-featured screen games! That's right, one click to purchase this resource and you've got one week every month of the year covered for fun! Each of these twelve food holiday games will make your students hungry and laugh out loud. Choose one each month to last you the whole year, or play them whenever you feel like.

Our suggestion is that you choose one of these clever games for each month themed on a fun, foodie holiday. Here's a possible breakdown:

• Theologian or Cheese 3 -- Cheese Lovers Day (Jan 20)
• Froyo, Gelato or Ice-cream -- Frozen Yogurt Day ( Feb 6)
• Did They Oreo It? -- Oreo Cookie Day (Mar 6)
• Tacos vs. Burritos -- Burrito Day (First Thurs in April)
• Shrimp or Crawfish -- Shrimp Day (May 10)
• Know Your Sushi -- International Sushi Day (Jun 18)
• Where Are These Fries From? -- French Fry Day (July 13)
• Whatchu Know Bout Watermelon? -- Watermelon Day (Aug 3)
• Whatchu Know Bout Pancakes? -- Pancake Day (Sept 26)
• Name That Noodle -- World Pasta Day (Oct 25)
• Pickle or Frog? -- Pickle Day (Nov 14)
• Does That Belong In A Fruitcake? -- Fruitcake Day (Dec 27)


Wes Wilson