First to Ten: Volume 2

First to Ten: Volume 2

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With 100 qualifiers, there's a few rounds of play available in this resource!


Back for another round! This all-play Sidekick 'Pick Me' is a fun game that your group will love! The concept is simple... A qualifier shows up. If it's true for participants, they put a finger up. First to get 10 (long version) or 5 (short version) fingers up wins. There are a total of 100 qualifiers that Pick Me will choose from.

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick "Pick Me" file (for 10-finger game)
• Sidekick "Pick Me" file (for 5-finger game)
• Title slides for each version (jpeg files)
• Background slides for each version (jpeg files)


Derry Prenkert

20+ year youth ministry veteran, podcast host, and Disney World fanatic!