Find Someone Who - Interactive Countdown Game

Find Someone Who - Interactive Countdown Game

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Are you tired of your students sitting by themselves or on their phones before the service? If so, this resource is for you! In this pre-service game, your students try to meet as many people as possible to sign squares on their bingo board with fun get-to-know-you questions. The best part is this includes upbeat and fun countdown videos (five- and ten-minute versions) that guide your students on how to play.


Are you ready to get your students out of their seats and meeting new people before your service? If so, this game is for you!

This is how this game works: as students come into your service you will hand them the included bingo board and a pen. Students will have to meet people and ask them to sign an appropriate box that matches something they have experienced or can do. Here’s the catch, each person can sign only one box on their board (unless you have a small group then you can change the rules). The person who fills the most boxes on their card or fills it out completely, WINS!

In addition to the bingo board, you get two countdown videos (5- and 10-minute versions) that give instructions on what to do and counts down how much time they have left. The countdown videos have fun and upbeat music to get your students excited to get to know some new people!

Do you want to tailor your bingo sheet specifically to your students? No problem! Use the Canva template link to customize your own bingo card!

This game is guaranteed to get your students talking with each other and maybe making a new friend!

This Resource Includes: 

  • Bingo Board (pdf file and Canva template link)
  • 5-minute countdown video with and without music (mp4 files)
  • 10-minute countdown video with and without music (mp4 files)





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If you don’t have a big group, feel free to change the rules to best suit your ministry!
Frank DiRenzo

Frank DiRenzo

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