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Hey, Youth Leaders! Want an epic way for your students to connect this Christmas? This game and countdown video are designed to get your students talking, laughing, and making new friends, all with a jolly Christmas twist!


Ready for Christmas cookies, snowball fights, and holiday-themed icebreakers? Say hello to our interactive, high-energy game crafted specially for youth groups! It’s all about getting your students up and mingling, creating connections that make your ministry feel like home.

How to Play: As students walk into the room, they're handed a Christmas-themed bingo card and a pen. They're then encouraged to go around the room to find people who can sign off on a box that matches a Christmas-themed experience or something they can do.

The twist? Each student can only sign one box on another person’s card. The one who fills the most boxes—or even better, fills them all—becomes the champion of Christmas camaraderie!

To kick things up a notch, we include a countdown video complete with on-screen instructions and a timer. And yes, it’s all set to the backdrop of upbeat Christmas tunes to get everyone in the festive mood.

This game is guaranteed to get your students interacting, talking, and meeting new people!

This Resource Includes:

  • Bingo Card (PDF File)
  • Countdown Video
    • 10 Minute Countdown Video (With Sound)
    • 10 Minute Countdown Video (Without Sound)
    • 5 Minute Countdown Video (With Sound)
    • 5 Minute Countdown Video (Without Sound)

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About this Product
If you don’t have a big group, feel free to change the rules to best suit your ministry!
Frank DiRenzo

Frank DiRenzo

Frank is the Student Ministry Pastor at Calvary Church in Souderton, PA. He is passionate about helping students develop an authentic faith that lasts beyond their time in student ministry. His passion is to create resources that help students connect and feel a sense of belonging in their student ministry! Connect with Frank at frankdirenzo.com