Find Me

Find Me

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'Find Me" is a video-based "Four-Corners"-style elimination game that will be entertaining for all students to participate and watch!


Doug's note: I LOVE this! It's well done... it gets people moving... it's fun... it's one of the reasons DYM is a great resource for people. This would take HOURS to make. So good... so cheap!

Do you think your students have what it takes to last all 10 levels? Most of your students won't!

In 'Find Me', students must pay attention to the four active animations on screen. After several seconds of watching the animation, a question appears. Participants must go to the corner of the room that answers the question correctly.

If participants were right, they survive the round. Participants who were wrong, are eliminated.

This Resource Includes:
• Instructions video (mp4 file)
• Individual (10 rounds) game videos (mp4 files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Nathan Karas