Find 2 Video

Find 2 Video

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A 4-pack of video-driven mixers to help your students get up, moving around, and talking to one another.


Find 2 is a video-based programming element to get your students up and meeting each other. This fun, creative program package will help students develop community through intentional, light hearted conversation.

This package includes 4 uniquely-themed video-driven mixers:
1) Would You…
2) Inconvenient Super Powers
3) Finish This Sentence
4) Desert Island

Each theme includes two programming options:
• One 5-minute video: Students are prompted to find 2 people and share their answers to each of the three questions on the screen while the 5-minutes countdown plays underneath.
• Three 90-second videos: Individual videos of the 3 questions shown in the 5-minute version, each includes instructions. Use all three throughout one program, one each week through a series, or one each day during a DNOW or camp.

This Resource Includes:
16 mp4 files:
• Four 5-minute video-driven mixers with 3 questions each (mp4 files)
• Twelve 90-second video-driven single question mixers (mp4 files)


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