Festive Fanny Pack: Easter Edition

Festive Fanny Pack: Easter Edition

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Pull out your coolest fanny pack and make your Easter message interactive with this complete night of programming!


Editor's note: This is very well-written and explores an aspect of the Passion Week that I've never considered. Add in the fun games and visual ideas, and this is probably one of the best resources I've edited.

The idea of the Festive Fanny Pack series is to make holiday lessons tangible. Our students often glaze over when hearing us teach variations on the same seasonal lessons in youth group. This resource is designed to combat that by using tangible props to represent pieces of each lesson. The schtick is that you wear a fun fanny pack while teaching and the props for each lesson are hidden inside of it until you get to that segment in the message.

The message included focuses on Jesus being anointed with perfume on the Wednesday of Holy Week.

This resource has everything you need for a complete night of Easter programming.

This Resource Includes:
•Complete message manuscript
•Small Group Guide
•Extensive graphics
•Themed Slide-Driven Game
•Themed Interactive Stage Game


Allison Williams