Feed the Turtle

Feed the Turtle

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Doug's note: Clever, fun, quirky, silly... play it!

What is Feed the Turtle:
You know how sometimes the more dumb something is, the more fun it is? Well ‘Feed the Turtle’ is certainly dumb…and certainly fun! We guarantee student laughter and healthy competition in this creatively wacky screen game. Feed the turtle. Fill his belly. Win the game.

Before the Game Begins:

1. Print out the attached pdf (printing in color is encouraged) OR bring a handful of different foods/items on stage as the ‘food offerings.’

2. Decide how many food items it will take to ‘fill the turtle’s belly.’ You are entirely in charge of how long the game lasts. You can play first to 3 - first to 5 - first to 7 - Whatever. Just make sure to tell your students what point total they are going for. Whichever team ‘fills the belly’ is the winning team.

Gameplay Rules:
Each round, a turtle will trot out on screen. The goal of the game is to feed the turtle until he is full. You will divide your group into 2 teams. Call up one student per team to be the team representative on stage.

When the round begins, the student elected to go first will choose a food item (the printed pdf attached with this game OR a random food/item brought by you). They will present their food offering to the turtle by holding their food item in the air on the left side OR right side of the turtle shell. When the timer hits zero, If the turtle’s head pops out of the side that the student chose, they will receive a point. If the turtle does not choose their side, the team does NOT receive a point.

We have included 6 different video slides for you to use. The person running your slides will have complete control over which side the turtle chooses each round. Feel free to rig this game.

After each round, send the student back to their team and choose a new representative to take their place. Whichever team ‘fills the belly’ of the turtle first is the winning team.

If your students cannot reach your screen, you can simply have them present their food offering to the turtle by moving to the right or left side of the stage.

This Resource Includes:
• 6 different videos that can be used an infinite amount of times (mp4 files)
• Title and instructions slides (jpeg files)
• 12 different ‘food offerings’ to print off for gameplay (pdf file)


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