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In this four-week series, your students will discover the world of Israel's exile and four young champions of faith! They will learn about the origins of fear, the power of hope, and God's unrelenting love found in the Book of Daniel.


Editor Note: This is a good series; overall well-constructed with solid content.

This series introduces students to the world of Israel's exile and the young men who faced overwhelming challenges to keep their faith.  In Fearless, you will discuss the nature of fear and the courage of God. You will touch on issues such as the power of hope, the influence of peer pressure, defending the faith, and our need for control. You will also examine fear’s relationship with love, and how a deeper understanding of ourselves can free us from the unnoticed influences of fear. 

Week One - Into Exile
Week Two - The Fiery Furnace
Week Three - The Writing on the Wall
Week Four -  The Lions’ Den

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This Resource Includes:

  • Series overview document (Word file)
  • Complete message manuscript for each week (Word files)
  • Small group guide for each week (Word files)
  • Graphics package including bumper video (jpeg & mp4 files)


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This series is ideal for a weekend retreat or month-long study.