Escape Your Phone: Digital Escape Room

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An escape room - digitally! Your students will love these creative, challenging, fun series of puzzles to solve together. This is the kind of game that will create a memorable experience for your students, volunteers, or family at home! You can do this completely online OR host it in-person.


Alexis has been stuck inside the phone for years, and she's tired of answering everyone's questions all day. She wants YOU to take her place! You've got to figure out how to get out of your phone before you're stuck in there forever. 

To escape, find clues to passcodes hidden in each "room," so you can shut down every app and install the latest update before your battery runs out!


This fully online escape room will have students making their way through 5 different “rooms”/screens in a phone and familiar-sounding apps, with help from Clipdalf the Great - you know that Microsoft Word friend that helped you in 3rd grade when you missed a comma. 

Context: This event can happen entirely online over a video chat platform like Zoom AND can be played in-person! As long as student teams have a laptop and can collaborate with one another, you can play this game. 


Time Required: This Digital Escape Experience can take around 60-90 min. Allow for an additional 10min to set the stage, explain rules, and break students into teams before playing the actual game. For a shorter event, use the hints provided in the Host Guide to move groups along.


How Many Students Can Play?: You can have students play solo (which we recommend for a smaller group of 3-5), or divide students into teams of 3-4 people. This scales to any size group!


Who Will Love To Play?: Middle school students can, but we recommend a leader to help them! A great challenge for high school students, college students, volunteers, families, your church, even your dog. 


What Do They Need?: We recommend at least one participant per team has a laptop for the best experience, but it's not necessary as it can be done on mobile phones. 


Check out 50+ reviews to learn more about how other youth workers experienced playing the Christmas edition "Escape the North Pole" digital escape room with their students, volunteers, and families.

This Resource Includes:

  • How to Play Guide (Word Doc) 
  • Host Guide for Leaders during gameplay with hints (Word Doc) that includes link to the website 
  • Title graphic and Instagram Square and Story promotional graphics (jpg)



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Offer some scrap paper for students to write things down or take notes to help them figure out the clues to solve the puzzles!
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