Escape the North Pole: Digital Escape Room

Escape the North Pole: Digital Escape Room

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A creative, challenging, fun series of puzzles players solve together that will create a memorable experience at your Christmas Party with students, volunteers, even your entire church staff or family at home!


What’s more fun than being trapped all alone in a musty stable that smells like reindeer with no way out? Being trapped together! Escape The North Pole Digital Escape Room is the perfect way to take your online (or in-person!) Christmas party to a completely different level of fun!


This fully online escape room is full of mystery, a compelling storyline, clues, and puzzles to solve in every room. Making your way through 5 different “rooms” from the North Pole to Santa’s Office, your students will have to help their friend “Chad Smith” get off of Santa’s naughty list! This is the IDEAL way to have fun together on Zoom or other video chat platforms and even works together in real life.


Time Required: This Christmas Digital Escape Experience includes five rooms and can take around 60-75 min. Allow for an additional 10min to play the quick intro video, explain rules, and break students into teams before playing the actual game. For a shorter event, use the hints provided in the Host Guide.


How Many Students Can Play?: You can have students play solo (which we recommend for a smaller group of 3-5), or divide students into teams of 3-4 people. This game can scale to any size group!

This Resource Includes:

  • Intro Video (1:17) mp4 file
  • How to Play (Word Doc) 
  • Host Guide for Leaders During Gameplay (Word Doc) 
  • Link to Escape Room website
  • Title graphic, Instagram grid graphic, and Story graphic



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