Equipping Volunteers 101 Bundle

Equipping Volunteers 101 Bundle

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Are you newer to youth ministry, and ready to begin developing and equipping your volunteers? So exciting! We've put together a collection of great volunteer/small group leader resources to help you get started.


Looking for a starting point to equip your adult volunteers? We've got you! 

We know that having a strong volunteer base is about more than recruiting awesome adults and setting them up with roles and responsibilities. The next step is equipping them for great ministry! You've got more than enough on your plate, so we've put this bundle together to start you on your journey of empowering your volunteers to take their ministry to the next level! 

(Great news - we have a ton of volunteer resources on our site! And over the years, we've curated some incredible and substantive bundles of helpful resources to help youth workers recruit and develop volunteers in their youth ministry. You can file away that information for the future!)

  • Student Ministry Volunteer Process by Jeff Selph - Every youth ministry needs a volunteer process! This packet was designed to guide prospective youth leaders through your expectations for serving in ministry, training, and an application and to be reviewed together. 
  • Leader Equipping Kit by Janelle Prenkert - Resource your small group leaders practically so they can connect with students! 
  • The Small Group Lab by Jon Ashley - How do you train and help your small group leaders to be effective shepherds? This resource is an interactive role-playing learning experience to help small group leaders get better in real-time.
  • 500 More Questions to Get Teens Talking by Kevin Mahaffey - Funny to serious, shallow to deep, the 500 questions in this book will get teens laughing, thinking and talking about their emotions, beliefs, dreams, and values. Designed to open the door for conversation that will deepen relationships, these questions can be used within families, among friends, or with complete strangers, not just youth groups.


The total value of the resources in this bundle is over $28 - you can download them all with one click for just $22!

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Janelle Prenkert

I have been serving in youth ministry for a long time in both volunteer and staff roles. Small groups have always been a passion of mine. From leading my own group to coordinating and training small group leaders, I love watching God work. I have been fortunate to come alongside my husband Derry Prenkert in ministry all of those years.