The Small Group Lab

The Small Group Lab

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The Small Group Lab is an interactive role-playing learning experience to help small group leaders get better in real time.
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It's one thing to teach principles of small group leading. It's another thing for small group leaders to put them into practice. The Small Group Lab is a way to observe and experiment with small group leading skills together through the magic of role-playing improvisation.

Using this resource, you'll pick a common scenario that small group leaders face and then selected leaders will role-play a few common youth ministry "characters" while several leaders work to lead the group. Not only is it hilarious, it's also an awesome learning environment! Additional supplies required.

Use it together as a whole team and help each other get better, role-play one scenario at a time at your regular leader meetings or training, use it as a video skit and record it for your leaders, or write out your own scenarios or characters and build on it!

This Resource Includes:
• Instructions document (Word file)
• Rules document to help everyone participate fully (Word file)
• Scenarios document; six common small group scenarios that leaders face (Word file)
• Student roles document for your leaders to role-play in each scenario (Examples: "The Techno Zombie," "The Questioner" and "The Drama Queen") (Word file)


Jon Ashley