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A ready-to-print, 10–day mission trip journal for students, encouraging them to keep their focus on WHY and WHAT this trip is about.


Looking for a daily reflective and encouraging journal for students to work through during a mission trip? ENCOURAGE – Mission Trip Journal is a ready-to-print, 10–day journal for students. Each journal entry highlights a word for your team to focus on throughout the day. The journal is broken into four parts.

Editor's Note: Leading a mission trip is tough enough! Use this journal to help your students process their trip and take their personal learnings to a deeper place. This is the type of resource that DYM loves!

Part 1: Day 1 will walk students through a travel day, preparing their hearts as they anticipate the week ahead. It covers a section from Ephesians in which Paul prays for those in the church of Ephesus. It is a great passage to pray over those going on the trip, and students can be inspired that this prayer is being spoken over them while they begin this journey. Encourage parents and anyone else who is offering prayer support for the trip to pray this along with the team.

Part 2: Days 2–4 are reminders of the WHY behind the mission trip. These journal entries will challenge students to ask, “Why in faith we should step out of our comfort zones and serve others, have compassion, and love others deeply?”

Part 3: Days 5–7 will remind your team to keep being patient when things don’t go as planned, to continue to encourage each other, and to not give up when they get tired or weary.

Part 4: Days 8–10 will allow your team to reflect on and boast about what the Lord has done this week; a reminder to continue the work that has been started even as students go home; and a prayer of encouragement for the journey back. If your mission trip is not 10 days, this journal can be adapted to fit the length of your trip.

This Resource Includes:
• Overview of the journal content
• Journal content in a Word Doc for you to edit for your group dynamic
• 1 PDF Cover page for you to add your own logo or mission trip's date (or print as is)


Kim Bowers