Emoji Mashup

Emoji Mashup

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Who can figure out what two emojis make up the brand new Emoji Mashup! The fastest fingers and minds win this screen game!


Doug's note: Super clever--wish I thought of it!

Have you ever thought of making up new emojis? Here are a few we dreamed up!! Have fun with these silly Emoji Mashups that you have never seen before!

In this fast-paced screen game, participants will see a made up emoji. They will have to search through their phone to figure out what two emojis were used to create the Emoji Mashup.

Gameplay options:
1) All-play: the first student to run to the stage and show you the two emojis on their phone wins.
2) All-play phones only: Play as a "text-you-the-right-two-emojis" kind of game. I always make students put a dash and their name, so I can go back later and save their number in my phone!

SPECIAL NOTE: If you choose NOT to use smartphones, included in this resource are printable emojis. Print and cut emojis out and have the students pick the correct two and race to the stage. Use either all printable emojis OR all phones, as the printables only include the emojis used in the mashups.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Individual (10 Q&A + instructions + 2 tiebreakers + blank instructions for customization) game slides (jpeg files)
• Alternative Keynote file version
• Printable emojis (jpeg files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Anthony Taylor