Eat, Give, Throw

Eat, Give, Throw

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You have three items to choose from. one you have to eat. One you have to give away. And one you have to throw away.


This game provides the ability to debate with the joy of differing opinions. This will create great conversation starters and help people disagree politely. You have 3 items to choose from. Pick an audience member to choose which one they would eat, which one they would give away, and which one they would want to throw away. 

A great variation of the game is to have small amounts of each item available so that when contestants make their decision, they actually perform the action they chose. 

This Resource Includes:

  • Powerpoint game
  • game slides
  • instruction slides

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We've played it to where people have to guess a sponsor or leader's choice instead of their own to create different opportunities to play this multiple times.
Todd Pearage

Todd Pearage

Todd and his wife Lynda have created a ministry for youth pastors and spouses called The Youth Leader Oasis.
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Auggie Mueller

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