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Five more relevant "how to" articles guiding today's parents & making you look super sharp and helpful


Want to help the parents engage with their teenagers? These simple, very practical 1-2 page articles will help equip parents with some realistic insight and advice on the challenges they face engaging their teen in meaningful conversations. Print them out and put a stack of them in the church. Hand them out every month at your parent meeting. Post them on the church website.

Use them however you want! Help parents win! DYM Parent Tips: Volume 4 includes FIVE ready-to-photocopy PDF files. The 5 topics include:

<1. Good Apps, Bad Apps 2. Four Vital Questions to Ask Your Teen 3. Anti-social Media 4. Should I Stalk My Kid? 5. Two-Player Mode

You can also find Jonathan’s other popular Parent Tips, volumes 1, 2, and 3 in the DYM store, as well as his 4-week curriculum, "Parenting Teens with Smartphones" by clicking here:


Jonathan McKee