DYM Mafia Card Game

DYM Mafia Card Game

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Popular, fun roleplaying game taken to the next level!


Mafia is a roleplaying group card game that's perfect for camps or anytime kids are hanging out… actually, you could have a whole Mafia-night with this product!

DYM put together a pack of everything you need to become a Mafia Legend amongst your students! Never heard of Mafia? Your kids have and the rules, tips, strategies, and even a custom, printable Mafia deck are part of this amazing package!

This game has everything you need:
  • Detailed instructions
  • Character chart
  • Tips for special characters, citizens, doctors, narrator, and sheriff
  • 54 Printable Mafia Card Designs with instructions on how to get them printed for your ministry
  • DYM Team

    DYM Team

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