DYM's Blue Flame Science Kit

DYM's Blue Flame Science Kit

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Teach your kids Science while enjoying lighting farts on fire!


The Blue Flame Science Kit: Student-tested. Scientist-approved

When you're hot you're hot! And when you're beyond that ... you're on fire!

Like Almighty God using the burning shrub to get Moses' attention, DYM's Blue Flame Science Kit will light up the room and grab your students' attention and never let go. You can use this insightful object lesson in so many unique and creative ways. Here's just a sample of how our members have used this best-selling resource:

Get their attention - a little nuclear fallout from that blue flame will engage all of their senses, and singe a few eyebrows, too!

Make the Bible come alive - thinking about teaching on the pillar of fire? Create one of your own right there in the Sunday School classroom!

"I once was blind, but now I smell!" -Mark, 8th grader, Brentonville, AR

"I've become a world-class communicator because of this resource. Thanks, DYM!" - Tony, Billings, AK

We promise you that DYM's Blue Flame Science Kit will help take things to the next level. Is it a gross prank or teachable moment? With the Blue Flame Science Kit from DYM, you'll never miss an opportunity to spread science and show them the power of God's Word at the same time!

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