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A five-week series that explores the person, power, and potential of the Holy Spirit.


Most students do not experience the power of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. A great many students do not even have a decent biblical understanding of the role and function of the Holy Spirit. Through the use of five symbols, each week of Dunamis looks at different angles of the purpose, person, and power of the Holy Spirit.

This series does two things: 1) lay the groundwork for a scriptural description of the Holy Spirit; 2) encourage a personal encounter with the power of the Holy Spirit in a student’s daily personal walk with Jesus Christ.

Message Topics Include: 
- Week 1 – The Person Revealed – Wind
- Week 2 – The Presence Encountered – Water
- Week 3 – The Purpose Fulfilled – Dove
- Week 4 – The Power Unleashed – Dynamite
- Week 5 – The People Empowered – Fire

This Resource Includes:
- Five comprehensive message manuscripts 
- Instagram graphic 
- Facebook cover & feed graphics 
- Small Group Guide with questions

BONUS: Check out this great video that goes along with this series!