Drive Thru Adventure Event

Drive Thru Adventure Event

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This fun evening CRUSHED at Doug & Josh's church. Give it a shot! Exclusive to gold members!
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Drive Thru Adventure is a fantastic COVID-friendly resource to help get families together in their cars on a fun local adventure car rally night. Solving clues, figuring our riddles, taking pictures, videos, and collecting quests. It's so great! It's about having fun as a church and family, more than really winning prizes. People got REALLY into it, too!

We’ve taken everything we (Doug & Josh) did with our church and made it as transferable as possible for you. Now, you need to know this is NOT a turnkey resource, it's NOT ready to go out of the box and use instantly. BUT, it will save you a ton of time if you were to do this from scratch. So get the download, go through our notes and instructions, customize it, and add a little of your personality and it will crush! We've done a ton of hard work to include email templates, welcome letter, graphics, clues, and instruction sheets.

There’s no app, though we offer some insight into that if you want to go a little more high tech. We even include everything you need to create a mini-website for promotion as well.

Again, this will save you a ton of time but requires some work on your part. It’s so worth it! We had over 700 cars participate in this thing so it will scale to pretty much any size you can handle.

Drive-Thru Adventure is a HUGE win and only for gold members!

This Resource Includes:
• Welcome letter from Doug Fields & Josh Griffin (Word file)
• Leader Instruction document (Word file)
• Graphics (jpeg, png & editable psd files)
- Summer
- Fall
• Clues game sheet + brainstorm notes for tons more clues (xls files)
• Photos of the event at our church
• Signage templates, website template, ready to go emails
• Example release form (Word & PDF files)


DYM Team