Doug Fields Holiday Yule Log

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Make the holidays extra magical with Doug Fields as he sits by the fire and drinks Diet Coke!


*This resource is EXTRA special! All proceeds from this video will go directly towards scholarships to help youth workers who normally wouldn’t be able to experience DYM! 

If you have been wondering what Yule Log Video to put up on your screen for all those holiday festivities, look no further! Gather ’round with friends and family and really wow them with this one of a kind yule log experience!

Join Doug Fields as he sits by the fire, enjoys a Diet Coke, and internally ruminates alternative lyrics to Good King Wenceslas.

“It’s like Doug was really there with us!” - Grant Byrd, youth worker

.“This really set the tone for our Dodgeball night!” - Bella Johnson, youth worship leader.

“I invited my whole church to a special marriage night with Doug Fields and just played this video for 3 hours. They loved it!” - Frank Gil, Senior Pastor“

Play this at my funeral as people are walking in.” - Doug Fields

Available in 3 different versions in both HD and 4k! You’ve never seen Doug looking this festive in such detail!

Stand alone
6 Minute Countdown Timer

This Resource Includes: 

  • Stand alone, 6 minute countdown timer, and infinite loop (mp4, 4K)
  • Stand alone, 6 minute countdown timer, and infinite loop (mp4, HD)

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DYM Team

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