Don’t Be Afraid: It’s Christmas

Don’t Be Afraid: It’s Christmas

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A unique Christmas-themed one-off message with dramatic element and games.


This study speaks to the idea that Jesus brought us a "do not be afraid" way of living. Just the mind-blowing idea of God becoming a human baby, subject to all the "what ifs" of this world should give us boldness and a no-fear attitude as we live out our lives for Him.

Editor Note: Great inclusion of games and activities to start. Message is a good summary of the Christmas story with more of a group participation/drama-feel than a stereotypical DYM-type message. Very creative alternative—I’m excited to try this with my group.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete study plan (Word file) that incorporates:
- Message-specific games and activities.
- Dramatic skit.
- Message that ties each of these elements together.


Vivian Barber