Don't Worry Be Happy

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A four-week study in the book of Philippians about being joyful in a world that worries about everything.


This four-week Bible Study in Paul's letter to the Philippians explores the connection between worry and joy.

Students will discover that they can be happy when they:
• Understand what matters most
• Worry about others
• Know where they are going
• Learn the secret

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This Resource Includes:

  • Teaching guide (4 weeks)
  • Small group guide (4 weeks)
  • Graphics (4 weeks)
  • Powerpoint (4 weeks)


Joshua Morris

Joshua Morris

JD loves pizza, lock-ins, Bible camp, and messing up slang words on purpose. He dominates 12-year-olds in ping pong and basketball in order to "build relationships" so they'll listen to his lessons. He has forgotten every bit of Greek from college.