Do You Still Play Fortnite?

Do You Still Play Fortnite?

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Do your students still play Fortnite? Use this Sidekick 'Trivia' quiz and find out how much they actually know about the game!


Although taking a bit of a hit in 2019, Fortnite once again became one of the most played video games in 2020. This was obviously due to the fact that we have all been in isolation in our homes. So what else is there to do?

This is a Sidekick 'Trivia' game (10 questions and multiple choice answers) and can easily be played online with Zoom or in-person.

If using Zoom, have students type their answers in the chat or even write them on a piece of paper and reveal all at the same time. You can do eliminations or score points for all players.

If using this game in-person (and being mindful of social distancing) you can give students printed out letters (A,B,C,D) and have them hold up the letter to show their answer.

A cool prize would be Fortnite V-Buck gift cards that are now available in stores.

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Trivia' game file
• Title and background graphics (jpeg files)

Trivia Intro from Download Youth Ministry on Vimeo.

Matt Baker

Matt Baker

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