Do It Yourself Fundraising Cards

Do It Yourself Fundraising Cards

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A how-to-make-it-yourself fundraising kit


Fundraiser cards are a great way to raise money for your youth ministry, but they’re ridiculously expensive when you order them through the fundraising companies. You have to sell $2000 just to get your money back!

With the DIY Fundraiser Card Kit, you can bypass the company’s big charge by creating and having your own cards printed for an investment of about $150. That will give you a potential return of $10,000 or more!

This kit has all the resources you need to approach businesses and create your card to help fund your youth ministry! The kit includes:
• Instructions and directions for how to make it happen
• A thank you card to the sponsors/donors
• Sample cards
• Business agreement

Dustin doesn’t do the fundraising for you, but he shows you what he did and gives you his content to copy. You’ll still need to do the groundwork to secure the local deals, but this great idea is so easy to copy.
Dustin Slaton

Dustin Slaton