DIY Scope & Cycle

DIY Scope & Cycle

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Do you need some help getting started creating your own Scope & Cycle for your ministry? Do you want to plug in the series YOU CHOOSE from DYM or other sources? Look no further!


Doug's note: This is so well done! It will save you hours and really help you think thru your teaching in a strategic way. Wow! Love it.

This resource has all you need to evaluate your teaching strategy for students, brainstorm a vision for discipleship, and implement a 7-year scope & cycle into your ministry (or however long you choose to plan out).

No more scrambling week-to-week or month-to-month for what you are going to teach, what your small groups are going to study, what game you will play, and even what event you will host.

This resource is your one-stop-shop to get organized and have a plan so you can spend more time with students and leaders.

This Resource Includes:
• Overview document with suggestions, ideas, and how-tos (Word file)
• DIY scope & cycle planner with brainstorming modules to formulate a 7-year plan (pptx & pdf file versions)
• Example "End in Mind" discipleship document (Word file)
• 2 Full-year (customizable) calendar examples including games and events WITH LINKS to the DYM store (xlsx file)
• Student Spiritual Survey (Word file)


Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina has been serving in youth ministry in various sized churches, roles, and denominations for 14 years. Her first job is momma to 3 little kiddos under 5 years old but she still loves discipling the next generation and creating resources to help other youth workers win!