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Four-week series on identifying and embracing your God-given identity.


Disguises is a four-week series on “embracing your own stache”— or, in other words, embracing who God created you to be.

When God made us, he made us all unique and different. He’s given each of us a divine stache, made up of strengths, weaknesses, passions, and interests that make is who we are. While some have come to accept their divine staches, many teens struggle with trying to become like somebody else. The disguises we wear cover up who we really are.

Week 1 – “Grow Your Own Stache”
How can we become content with the stache God has given us, and how can we develop and grow our God-given identities?

Week 2 – “Don’t Hide Your Stache”
How do we keep from hiding our stache? How do we fight against the temptation, sin, and peer pressure that threaten to diminish who we were created to be?

Week 3 – “Stache Comparison”
Why is comparison so dangerous? How do we keep from comparing our stache with others’?

Week 4 – “Divine Stache”
How can I tap into my strengths and overcome my weaknesses so that I can reach my full potential?

What’s included:
Four word-for-word manuscripts (2,500+ words each) in editable Word
document format
Four editable message outlines
Message template slide and two title slides in JPEG format

Brent Wernsing