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Food poisoning is on the loose in this creative and interactive participation screen game.


Doug's note: GREAT! So fun and creative.

Food poisoning is ruining this dinner party. Good luck keeping your food down in ‘Dinner Disaster,’ a video-driven last-man-standing-style game. It’s almost sickening how fun this game can be.

Bring five chairs and a table on stage (table optional). This is your dinner party. The game will begin with five students on stage, each sitting in a chair (choose these five students however you like). For each round, a video clip will play on-screen that will reveal three different food items. Everyone on stage must choose ONE of the displayed food items and write it down. Participants have 10-seconds to write down their choice. After competitors have written down their food of choice, the video will prompt them to reveal their food of choice to each other and to the crowd. Whichever food item was chosen by most by the competitors is the food that was infected with food poisoning. All students that chose that food item are "sick" and must give up their seat at the table to someone else in the room. Play as many rounds as you like. Replay the video clips as desired. The game will end whenever you decide to end it.

** Important note**
If there is ever a TIE, all players involved in the tie get sick and must give up their seat at the table.
(E.g. Turkey = 2, Corn = 2, Chips = 1 - those who chose turkey and corn must give up their seats.)

This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay instructions document (Word file)
• Instructional video clip (mp4 file)
• Individual (9 rounds) video clips (mp4 files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Brock Odell


John Lindsey

John is the Creative Director of Student Ministry at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.