Did Santa Make Them Cry?

Did Santa Make Them Cry?

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Can you look at the pixelated image and tell if the child is crying or is happy with having their picture taken with Santa Claus?  


This game requires the DYM Sidekick App and is played using Pixelate. Basically, an image will appear on the screen all pixelated and it is up to players to try and decipher what they are seeing.

In this version, we are focusing on Mall Santa photos and whether or not the child(ren) in the picture is crying or is happy.

Note: It's tough to tell - so it's more like a flip of a coin than an educated guess. Whoever leads the game will need to own the fact that it's impossible with your audience and have fun with it!

Games like this have the potential of engaging all students because of how fun and silly they are.

This Resource Includes:

  • Sidekick Pixelate File
  • Title and background images (jpgs)
  • All 12 images as separate jpgs

Note from Author

About this Product
Use this game leading up to Christmas on your youth night or during a Christmas banquet/party.

Matt Baker