Death and Life - The Story of Lazarus

Death and Life - The Story of Lazarus

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This is a two-week series on the death and life of Lazarus, and how Lazarus' story helps students when they go through hard times of their own.


Doug's note: I liked this a lot and can definitely see myself teaching it. 

This is a two-week series looking at the death and life of Lazarus (not "life and death," because that's mixing up the order!) This series looks at the death that comes into students' lives and when situations don't go the way they expect. Then, it looks at the amazing power of God who is able to resurrect any dead situation and breathe life into any circumstance.

This Resource Includes: 

  • Complete message manuscript for each week (Word files)
  • Small group guide for each week (Word files)
  • Family devotional for each week (Word files)
  • Series graphics (jpeg files)

Note from Author

About this Product
I have preached these messages both to youth groups and whole congregations, and have received good responses from both audiences. I would encourage small group discussion afterward, because of the heavy nature of the topic, to help students process and apply it to their own lives, and also to be able to pray for one another. The family devotions repeat a few of the small group questions, but that is intentional for students to somewhat take the lead and share things with their parents that they've already talked about and discussed at youth group.

Matthew Erickson


Jack Henderson