Dead Cat 2

Dead Cat 2

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It's like the original best-selling game infused with catnip!


Have you ever been on an adventure with aliens, bunnies, unicorns, spaceships, clowns, and hundreds of cat puns? If not, then you need to give Dead Cat a try. Dead Cat is a video-based game where your students get to choose their own adventure. Imagine that your youth group was given a cat to take care of…now imagine that to keep this cat alive, your group would have to make some pretty ridiculous decisions when faced with some even more ridiculous circumstances.

Think of ‘Dead Cat’ as a tamagotchi for the modern age mixed with a “choose your own adventure” style game. The fate of this cat is entirely up to you and your students. Each round (10 rounds total), your group will be faced with a multiple choice decision that directly effects the fate of your newfound pet cat. Make the right decision and your group will progress through the game…make the wrong decision and you’ve got a “Dead Cat.” Play it in one setting... or stretch it out throughout the semester (or weekend retreat).

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This Resource Includes:
• 50+ narrated videos
 (mp4 files)
• Title slide (.jpeg file)
• Gameplay instructions (pdf file)


Brock Odell


John Lindsey

John is the Creative Director of Student Ministry at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY.