Day and Night Devotional 2 Peter

Day and Night Devotional 2 Peter

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This doable devotional walks students through 30-days in the book of 2 Peter.


Doug's note: Lots of favorites for me here, (1) the author--Sabrina is a great writer who understands teenagers, (2) students learn to grow on their own, (3) this is a reproducible resource--make as many copies as you want, (4) makes you look great with parents. Wins!

This 30-day devotional through the entire book of 2 Peter will challenge your students to spend just a few minutes each day and night in God's presence with His Word. 

It is gospel-centered, actionable, and bite-sized. It is accessible enough for new believers and challenging enough for pastor's kids.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Complete (editable) devotional (Word file)
  • Complete devotional (PDF)




Sabrina Hadro

I like Jesus, my hubs, my babies, and leading teenagers to Jesus.

Isaac Leimeister

Pray like everything depends on God, Work like everything depends on you.