Dating 101

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3-week series on who you are and what you


Dating 101. So, teenagers are going to date. As much as we would recommend them not to, or wait till their older, they're going to date. So, lets talk about it. Let talk about how the person we date shouldn't define who we are. Lets also talk about standards, and how to not compromise in who we are to date. We're also going to talk about how we should break up without hurting each others self-esteem.

I've pulled from a variety of resources in this series, one of them being, Haley DiMarco's book The Dirt on Dating and How to Break Up Well. Your students are going to "love you" for talking about this important topic in teenage culture. Want to draw a crowd and catch the attention of your students? Try this one.

Week 1 - Who are you?!
Teaching Point: Dating someone doesn't define who you are. God does. Key Passage: Psalm 139

Week 2 - Who are you looking for?!
Teaching Point: Don't compromise in your standards. Key Passage: 1 Corinthians 13

Week 3 - How to Break Up Well!
Teaching Point: How you break up defines who you are and who you depend on. Key Passage: Ephesians 4-5

Steve Spence

The husband of an amazing wife, Shelley. The dad of 2 beautiful girls. The high school pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis TN.