Cyberpunk Countdown

Cyberpunk Countdown

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Here are some cool sci-fi countdowns (five-minute and two-minute) plus six cyberpunk-themed game ideas to go with them!


You can use this resource in so many ways!

Bust it out to kick off your next Sci-Fi or Video Game-themed event, use it in tandem with the six game ideas that come with the resource, or just keep it on as a cool background during free time!

No matter what, the Cyberpunk Countdown can help you set a cool/fun vibe to help students get connected!

This Resource Includes:

  • 5-minute countdown video with and without music (mp4 files)
  • 5-minute video without timer (mp4 file)
  • 2:30 countdown video with and without music (mp4 files)
  • 6 cyberpunk-themed game ideas with instructions (Word file)


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I recommend the games for ALL group sizes!
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Isaac Sutton

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