Cyber Glitch Transition Video Pack

Cyber Glitch Transition Video Pack

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Impress your students with trendy transition video elements to keep your program moving along.


Allow this 10-pack of glitch-theme transition videos to enhance your programs. Instead of introducing each element of your program or service, simply allow the onscreen video to do the work for you! Load them into your presentation software and click. These will grab your students' attention!

This Resource Includes:

  • 10 video clips (mp4 files)
    • Announcements
    • Communion
    • Game Time
    • Large Group
    • Message
    • Offering
    • See You Later
    • Small Groups
    • Welcome
    • Worship

Note from Author

About this Product
These transition videos are perfect for in-person gatherings or online!

Impress Vids is made by youth leaders for youth leaders. ImpressVids is passionate about giving YOUR ministry high-quality, creative resources for your students to take pride in the brand identity of your student ministry!