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Student devotional to help them discover what


"CRUX" mans, "the most important part".

We live in a world of information overload. Every day teenagers are bombarded with texts, status updates, pictures-not to mention ideas from their teachers, friends, and parents. All of this is coming at a time in their life when they are making big time decisions about their identity.

More than ever before, it's vital that our students can discover what's most important, and this is what the CRUX devotional is all about. This resource will help your students create a solid foundation that will last for the rest of their lives.

CRUX is ten weeks long, with five devotionals each week.

Week 1: Receive Forgiveness Freely
Week 2: See God Clearly
Week 3: Examine Continually
Week 4: Believe God's Word Completely
Week 5: Meet Together Faithfully
Week 6: Worship God Constantly
Week 7: Serve God Sacrificially
Week 8: Listen To God Quietly
Week 9: Rescue Aggressively
Week 10: Wait Patiently

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Joe McArthur