Crowd Sound: Back To School Edition

Crowd Sound: Back To School Edition

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Ready for some back-to-school fun? This game is all about laughter, teamwork, and familiar school sounds. It's a race; which team can guess the sound the fastest?


Start the school year right with Crowd Sound: Back to School Edition. Filled with fun school-related sounds, this game will get your group bonding, laughing, and actively participating in your student ministry program!

Here's the game plan: First, split your group into 2-4 teams. Each team selects a representative who faces the team. The crowd then sees a word on the screen, and their goal is to create the sound that corresponds with that word.

Here's the tricky part: teams can't use words, only sounds. It's up to the representative to guess the sound their team is making. The first team to get it right scores the round.

Ready to kick the school year off in high gear? With Crowd Sound: Back to School Edition, you've got the perfect mix of fun, interaction, and friendly competition. So, buckle up and let the games begin!

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file
  • Individual (10 Q&A + instructions + tiebreaker) game videos (mp4 files)
  • Title video (mp4 file)


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If your students are stumped on a sound, no worries! Feel free to let them use hand gestures or even act it out. After all, the goal is laughter and fun!
Frank DiRenzo

Frank DiRenzo

Frank is the Student Ministry Pastor at Calvary Church in Souderton, PA. He is passionate about helping students develop an authentic faith that lasts beyond their time in student ministry. His passion is to create resources that help students connect and feel a sense of belonging in their student ministry! Connect with Frank at