Confront a Freshman: Hygiene Intervention Kit

Confront a Freshman: Hygiene Intervention Kit

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A Life-Changing Conversation in a Box!


We love freshman! Every 12 months high school ministries around the world welcome in another batch of the energetic, overwhelmed, and squirrelly students. What is unwelcome is their smell. Imagine if a locker room wore a school uniform--that's the unsightly and unsavory smell of incoming freshman and it's enough to make you want to perform DIY surgery to remove your nostrils.

Never fear... DYM is here! We’ve got more experience in this area than we care to admit – so we’ve included everything you need for a life-changing intervention:

    Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash – so you won’t smell them coming
    Listerine Ultraclean – our original super pack included regular strength mouthwash but due to youth worker feedback we increased the strength to Ultra-Max-Ultimate strength
    Axe Dry – because the armpits are the worst offender and make you avoid even side hugs.
    Clearasil Face Pads – there is hope... there is Clearasil.
    An Official “Man Card” – give this to them as long as they stay faithful to the intervention. Remember, relapse is part of recovery, so be quick to show lots of grace.
    A 18-page step by step guide - to help guide your conversation and help you plot the projected timeline of the intervention

DYM’s Hygiene Intervention Kit … “A Life-Changing Conversation in a Box!”


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