Claim to Flame

Claim to Flame

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This screen game challenges you to tell the difference between an official Winter or Summer Games torch and a fake!


The torches designed for the Summer and Winter Games can be amazing… sometimes! This screen game challenges viewers to determine if the photo is of an official Summer or Winter Game torch or not. (A few fake torches include a fire-juggling torch or Loki's scepter (from Thor).) Each answer slide will indicate what the item actually is. If it was an official Olympic torch it will also show what Olympic city and the year it was used. There are 13 different 'torch' photos allowing you many options for gameplay and tie-breakers. It's much harder than you think!

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Individual slides (jpeg files) of 13 Q&A slides + 1 Instruction slide
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Jerry Heinold