Churros and Burros

Churros and Burros

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A perfect screen game for Cinco de Mayo and every other weekend of the year, testing your students’ knowledge of churros and burros!


Churros and Burros— Perfect for Cinco de Mayo and every other weekend of the year!

What do these majestic beasts of burden have in common with the magical cinnamon sticks of delight?

Nothing but their last syllable!

And that’s all we needed for the creation of this this hilarious game your students are sure to love more than any other game they have every played in your ministry. And if they don’t love it, they’ll at least learn many practical life lessons. Or not.

For thousands of years, donkey’s have been the “helping hooves” of humankind, so isn’t it time we honored them with a fabulous trivia game? Naturally, we don’t need an excuse to talk about churros.

This screen game includes 20 questions! Pick the ones you like, and use one or two as a tie-breaker. I’ve even included a blank slide so if you want to try your hand at the CHURRO/BURRO questions, HAVE AT IT!

This game will work with any ministry***! Here’s three different ways you might play CHURROS and BURROS:
(1) Play with your entire crowd and have everyone guess on their own.
(2) Break your students into smaller groups and have them work together.
(3) Play as an “up front” game with only a few contestants.

A few final thoughts: Be sure to do whatever it takes to make sure the winner(s) receive a bucket of churros. If you want to go over the top, give the winner a donkey. Every fact in this game has been painstakingly researched on the internet, so it’s probably 40% accurate.

***Any ministry that likes fun. Some denominations may not appreciate this game.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file (13 Q&A with “Answers” and Tiebreaker” slides)
• Complete editable PowerPoint game file
• Complete alternative Keynote game file
• Complete editable Keynote game file
• Individual (Q&A + “Answers” & “Tiebreaker”) game slides (jpeg files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)
• Font


Matt McGill