Church Meme Showdown

Church Meme Showdown

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Two hilarious, church-themed memes are shown. Students must decide which one they like better.


This is one of the best icebreakers/mixers that I’ve ever done with students! Here’s how it works: students are shown two funny, church-themed memes. They then must choose which meme they like better.

There are a couple ways to play this game that work well. * Get Em’ Moving: have all your students stand. If they like the meme on the left, students move to the left side of the room. If they like the meme on the right better, they move to the right side of the room * Text poll: to get the whole crowd involved, you can use a service like Poll Everywhere and have the students vote in which meme they like better.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Individual (10 rounds / 2 slides each round) game slides (jpeg files)
* Title slide (jpeg file)

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Ken Mcintyre