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In this Christmas edition, the classic memory game ‘concentration’ is now on PowerPoint so your whole group can play.


This game works just like the classic memory game concentration, but now your whole group can play through the magic of PowerPoint. Just throw up the PowerPoint on your projector. Then use your mouse to click on the numbers to reveal the Christmas object below. If it’s not a match, click on the object and the numbers will reappear. The team to find the most matches wins. Find the star; get extra points or another turn.

You can use this in a bunch of different ways. Have two people play up front or put your group into two teams. For even more fun, have the contestants/teams compete to answer a question from the list of random Christmas questions provided. The team that gets the right answer first, gets a chance to flip over two cards. Keep this going and see which team uncovers the most matches.

Full instructions and description for how to use the PowerPoint are included in the file. You are given three different files so you have three different boards. Don’t be nervous, it’s super easy. Even your volunteer tech kid can do it!

This Resource Includes:
• 3 PowerPoint files with three different game boards
• Full detailed instructions on how to operate the game (jpeg file)
• List of Christmas Questions (Word file)

David Rutledge

David Rutledge

Dave loves DYM and thinks about nothing other than his next DYM submission. After many years of working in the church in the states, he and his family now work in Africa.